Pilates For Men

How Men can Benefit from Pilates

Pilates has so many benefits, especially for men, but one of the biggest myths is that it’s an exercise “only for women” or it’s too easy. Ironically, Pilates was developed by a man for men.

Joseph H. Pilates was very sick as a child; he devoted the rest of his life to improve his physical well-being by conditioning and strengthening his body. He was known as an accomplished gymnast and boxer. But he is most remembered for developing his own mind-body workout, which has now become the fastest growing fitness trend in the world. Men are just now starting to realize the benefits of Pilates and are taking advantage of all it has to offer.

The Benefits of Pilates

Some of the many benefits of Pilates include increased flexibility, endurance, and coordination. It improves balance, builds strength and tones muscles, while also connecting the mind and body. Exercises will improve posture, relieve stress, reduce fatigue and chronic pain, not to mention build stronger bones, prevent injuries, reduce body fat, and give better orgasms.

Why Pilates Works

Anyone can do Pilates! Fitness level, age, race, disability, or gender doesn’t matter. Pilates gives men a full body conditioning workout, while connecting the mind and body and it prevents injuries.

The exercises stretch and lengthen all the major muscles groups, without neglecting the smaller weaker muscles, helping to build a body with strong, long, lean muscles. Pilates develops the muscles more efficiently by cross-training, it reverses muscle imbalances, builds core strength, reconditions the body, and also speeds up recovery.

Everyday movements take a toll on the body. Joseph Pilates invented over 500 exercises to be performed to develop the body uniformly. His methods teach controlled movements that can be used in everyday tasks. As the individual becomes more aware of their body and how it functions, it helps to live a healthier lifestyle, free of pain and injury.

Pilates for Injury Prevention

Most men are strong but usually tighter and less flexible than women. Pilates doesn’t have to replace lifting weights or the gym, but it works towards functional fitness, this allows the individual to become more aware of their body, it corrects postural and muscular imbalances to help reduce and prevent injuries. This becomes more important as men grow older and the body continually changes.

Universities and professional athletes are taking advantage of the many benefits of Pilates and are incorporating it into their training programs. Everyone from NFL football players and PGA golfers to Olympian ice skaters and skiers has learned the benefits of Pilates and are integrating it into their everyday lives.

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